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Morgan Wallen's New Song

Updated: Mar 4

2023 was a banner year for country music's top male artist Morgan Wallen. Last year alone, he earned a whopping 26 platinum certifications, and added 18 more awards to his collection from Billboard, iHeart, People's Choice, BMI and the Academy of Country Music.. According to Luminate, Morgan dominated album, and single sales, and almost singlehandedly increased the popularity of country music. He ended the year with the top Billboard album, and single.

It should come as no surprise that unscrupulous opportunists once again are attempting to profit from Morgan's unprecedented success. Morgan, early in his career like many artists before him was on an obscure indie label that are now re-releasing songs that Morgan did not authorize. He felt so strongly about this unfortunate turn of events that he posted his thoughts on social media included below.

Morgan Wallen's new song
Morgan Wallen's new song

As Morgan points out there is definitely a dark side to the music industry and artists-established, and aspiring should secure legal representation before they sign anything. Two good things that did come out of this situation is that Morgan donated 100k to the Volunteer Lawyers & Professionals For The Arts to help artists. Secondly, Morgan released a reimagined version of "Spin Me Around". Please note the art work, so that you spin the correct version of the song, and not the new unauthorized album. Here is Morgan Wallen's new song. This is the authorized version.


The East Tennessee singer also appeared in Drake's latest video as a supportive friend after the Rapper's breakup. Morgan does not sing on the track, but gets blown up w/ Drake in the music video, lol...



There is also a snippet of Morgan Wallen's new song many are speculating will be on Morgan's forthcoming album.



Morgan's current radio single is Man Made a Bar with the great Eric Church. They also appear in a new commercial for Field & Stream..



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Jan 26
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No true Morgan fan will stream it.!

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