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Nashville Strong!

As the video footage, and pictures come pouring in of the four devastating tornadoes that ripped through Nashville on March 3, 2020, I am immediately reminded of how tentative life can really be. This week also marks the anniversary of the airplane wreck in Camden, Tennessee that claimed the lives of Cowboy Copas, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and a 30 year old Patsy Cline.

Tentative yes, timing in music, and in life can determine so much. Chills ran through my spine to hear that the tornado missed Maren Morris’s block by an inch, and Dierks Bentley had landed in Nashville only minutes before the tornado shredded the airport. More than 90 aircrafts were damaged resulting in over $93 Million in replacement cost.. And Kasey Musgraves moved away mere months ago from East Nashville, a community that was hit arguably the hardest.

Between East Nashville, and Germantown 40 buildings were demolished, including popular concert venue Basement East, and Dualtone Records,The Lumineers, and Shovels & Rope are artists on Dualtone. 24 fatalities have been reported thus far.

But the bigger story might be the outpouring of love, support, and genuine concern for all affected. As Reba stated on Twitter” We are all affected.."

Deeply saddened artists showed their support by donating money such as the 10K that came from Johnny Van Zandt-frontman for southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd. And Chris Young, who donated 50K. Artists like Cole Swindell have donated the proceeds of their concerts to the victims of the tornado. Taylor Swift may have issues with her former record label, but not with the community that gave her an early start. She donated a cool 1M. And that is just the tip of the iceberg

Country music has a long tradition in helping those in need. Patsy was returning from a benefit concert for DJ Jack “Cactus” Call, who had died recently in a car accident leaving a family, and bills behind, when the fateful crash ended her budding career. In these polarizing times, it is easy to forget that country music is not just a genre of music, but a community, a family.

As we remember the artists of yesteryear that tragically left us way too soon, let us also remember the community that has given us a reason to tap our feet, and smile.

I’ve provided a list below on ways to help our country music family. #NashvilleStrong

Money Donations may be made by one of the following methods:

• Text RELIEF2020 to 41444

• Online at

• By check to P.O. Box 330056, Murfreesboro, TN 37133 (please write RELIEF2020 on memo line)

You can also help by volunteering at the following organizations:

Second Harvest Food Bank

Phone: 615-329-3491

You can donate items through these organizations:

American Red Cross

Phone: 615-250-4300


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