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New Country-August 2023

Morgan Wallen
New Country Songs


Hi this is Sana, and I’m Anna.

We are the ladies of Stone Cold Country, and these are our new country song picks for August 2023. Here we’re focusing on the new sounds of country..

ANNA: We also have an old school country version of this podcast called The New Traditional. Check it out. And the Texas Six Pack for emerging country sounds from Texas.

SANA: First some news from Nashville. Are you looking to buy a little land in Tennessee? Well, Justin Timberlake just placed 127 acres in Franklin, TN, for sale. The price tag is a cool $10 million. It’s off of old highway 96. Call Tom Sullivan at (615) 709-6050 for more info

SANA: And a little trivia- do you know who the top touring country artist of all-time is? It’s not George Strait or Alan Jackson?.. It’s Kenny Chesney! All together his tours have grossed 1.172 billion! His highest grossing tour to date is 2022 Here and Now Tour, which brought in $135 million. Very nice..

This time around we have 6+ songs to share with you all, so let’s go!

1. Matt Stell @MattStellMusic & Chase Matthew @iamchasematthew

One Of Us

2. Mike Parker, Sawdust follow him at @musicbymikep A fun but bittersweet song about a sudden breakup .Let’s hear it

3. Steven Lee Olsen, Outta Yours @StevenLeeOlsen This top 5 Canadian hit was co-written by Olsen and describes still having an ex on your mind while they have already moved on. This song’s been kicking around in Canada for a bit, but we like it. Give it a listen..

4. On The Outside, Break itself @otoofficial A tune that speaks about a person being afraid to break their partner’s heart, while the partner in question already knows they have fallen out love and beg them to just end the relationship.

5. Adam Sanders, Back To My Place @AdamSandersLive The song narrates a man attempting to sell the house he and his late wife shared, because he can’t stand to live there anymore after her passing.

6. LECADE, Eddie And The Getaway @lecademusic @eddiegetaway - Gave It Up A heartbreaking ballad about the singer’s exhaustion, angst at giving their everything in a toxic relationship and wanting to escape that pain.

7. Next up is Graham Barham North of Hell

Gosh, the guy in this song is really in a pile of it, but at least he’s not dead Follow the singer @graham_barham

SANA: We’ve come to the end of another podcast. It goes by so quickly..

ANNA: It does! Don’t forget to check out our Texas Six Pack for new songs from Texas area artists and our New Traditional Podcast for new traditional leaning country songs.

SANA: And please listen on Pandora under OnTheBrink as we are one of a few hand picked country music podcasts on the platform.

ANNA: And also check out our blog on for interesting stories like Step into Style: Exploring the Timelessness of Cowboy Boots.

SANA: Did you know that the El Rey Cowboy Boots have $50,000 price tag, 100 diamonds and 4.4 ounces of 14 karat gold? Wow!

ANNA: And a special shout out to LaineyWilson, and Morgan Wallen for caring about kids. Lainey through the Make a Wish Foundation and the Children’s Hospital at Vandy.

SANA: And Morgan for donating half a million dollars to Parkwood Community Club,a historic Black baseball and softball complex in north Nashville. Two thumbs up!

ANNA: Speaking of Morgan this one is sitting at number 6 on the Billboard Hot Country songs chart

SANA: I really like this song, and saw that for the week of Aug. 20-24 it was one of the most added songs according to Mediabase. Let’s go ahead and hear Thinkin’ Bout Me.

And like we always say:

SANA & ANNA: stay strong, stay true, and stay hungry!

SANA: Have a great rest of your week, keep trying, keep smiling..


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