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New Country-June Picks

Our new country song picks for June 2023
New Country-June 2023

Are you looking for fresh new country music? We came, we listened, we picked! These are the tunes you should be listening to right now. Click on the player to listen to the entire podcast. We've also provided a transcript below, cheers!


Welcome fellow humanoids to our June New Country Song Picks.

Here we’re focusing on the new sounds of country..

We also have an old school country version of this podcast called The New Traditional. Check it out.

We have thirteen songs to show case so let’s go..

1. Brantley Gilbert, Blake Shelton, Vince Gill, Heaven By Then

This song encapsulates Gilbert’s feelings of what country is and how important it is to his way of life, and how he feels that being an old soul in this rapidly changing and complicated world can sometimes make him feel left behind. Blake and Vince both back him in basically a dream collab. Let’s hear it. @brantleygilbert @blakeshelton @VGcom

2. Adam Hambrick & Logan Mize, I Was Built For A Small Town After

Spending 10 years in Nashville as a songwriter, Adam wrote songs for Dan & Shay, and the Eli Young Band among many others. This song is about Adam’s experiences while growing up in Conway Arkansas. Did you know that’s the town Conway Twitty named himself after? No way! Way, Conway’s real name was Harold Lloyd Jenkins. Lol.. Now that’s a perfectly fine name. But Conway Twitty is more memorable I Anyway, let’s go ahead and hear I Was Built For A Small Town.

3. Ben Gallaher/Lovin’ You Gets In The Way

Gallaher takes us through the story of a man still emotionally attached to his ex. The tune was written by Jason Aldean, and Ben says it is one of his favorite songs. I like the 90’s rock vibe. Crunchy guitars, and all. Let’s hear it. @ben_gallaher

4. Karley Scott Collins, Brain On Love

A tale about the grip love has on the mind, inspired by an article Karley once read about the chemical reactions that occur in the human brain while in the throes of infatuation are identical to the highs a person feels on drugs. @KarleySCollins

5. Jon Wayne Hatfield, Baby I Don’t

A song about feeling hurt and conflicted emotions in a relationship that’s about to fall apart. Jon says this song will be relatable to anyone who’s ever been in a relationship where they’ve felt broken and confused. Follow the artist @JonWhatfield

6. Chase Matthews, Love You Again

Inspired by the #BlackDressTrend from tik tok, this is a cute song about a man wanting to savor every intimate moment he has with his wife whom he adores. Follow him @iamchasematthew

7. Blanco Brown, I’ll Never

A song about loving people, including yourself, in the way they need it. Blanco began writing this song while he was recovering from a serious motorcycle accident in 2020. Blanco believes in order to love someone else, you need to be able to love yourself first. For sure..Follow Mr. Brown @blancobrown

8.Adam Doleac, The Wrong Side of the Sunrise

This song is one of the first attempts Adam put himself completely into his music. This song recounts waking up and the feeling of suddenly being abandoned by a lover. His handle on Twitter is @AdamDoleacMusic

9. Dylan Schneider, Ain’t Missing You

A defiant break up anthem about a man mincing no words in delivering the news to his girlfriend’s cruddy ex-lover that the relationship that they once had is beyond over, and she’s moved on with him. Ha ha follow him @DylanSchneider

10. Riley Green, Luke Combs-Different Round Here

A brand new edition of a beloved old track starring the one and only Luke Combs! This song has become an anthem for hard working country folks, military families, athletes etc. that are proud of where they came from. Twitter follows @RileyGreenMusic @lukecombs

11. Elvie Shane, Baptized

Co-Written by Elvie with Dan Couch, Luke Preston, and Oscar Charles,The main character sings about how heaven isn't just a fancy place with gold streets. Instead, he thinks it's found in the little moments he spends with his partner on a summer Sunday night on Wild Creek Road. He talks about how he feels really close to heaven when he's with her, and how he gets lost in the feeling of her and the way her skin feels. He feels really special and holy when she holds him. @elvieshanemusic

12. Brian Kelley’s new song-See You Next Summer will take us home.

It’s Brian’s first radio release as a solo artist, this song was written by HARDY, Hillary Lindsey and David Garcia. Fun song and perfect for the summer. Just a couple of weeks away..And as of June 5th, it’s had 13 new adds.And was one of the top Point Gainers for the May 28-June 1 period according to Mediabase. Follow The Beach Cowboy @PlayBkPlay

Brian will take us home. Check back on the 28th for a fresh edition of our new country podcast. And on the 23rd for new songs from Texas area artists. Also don’t forget our new traditional podcast for new old school styled country. Like we always say stay strong, stay true, and stay hungry.

God bless y’all, take care.


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