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Podcast & Single Review: Cameron Wrinkle

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Texas Traditionalist Cameron Wrinkle sets a new standard in this dancehall radio ready gem of a song!


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Here's further proof that there is "something" good brewing in the traditional country music world! Cameron Wrinkle is a name some have already heard in Nashville, and in some parts of Texas. When he came to town, straightaways, Cameron started working with successful established songwriters, some names you might recognize like Jim Brown, Will Nance, Steve Dean, and Jeff Silvey


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Our review starts there in Jim "Moose" Brown's Nashville studio with Jeff Silvey at the helm producing Breakfast of a Fool. Now Moose is a Grammy winning songwriter, who co-wrote "It's 5 o'Clock Somewhere" with Don Rollins. Moose is also a member of Bob Segar's Silver Bullet Band. At the time, Cameron was rooming with William Michael Morgan, who Jeff happened to be producing.

I first came across Jeff Silvey's name through his work in the contemporary christian market. But Jeff also had cuts by The Issacs, Easton Corbin, and George Strait to name a few. There's a cool little story involving a bottle of TX Whiskey as an instrumental element in the formation of the song.. You can check out that story in the interview we had w/ Cameron which will go live on November 14th, 2021. 😊

Breakfast of a Fool starts off with a tight rythmn section inviting us to kick up some sawdust, and a tasteful trade off between the steel, and fiddle. Let me say that again, the steel, AND fiddle.. Once I heard that I knew I was fishing in the right lake. The fiddle continues on as the steel drops off to confirm this is indeed a two-steppin' song that will delight dancehalls across the world.


Cameron wrinkle, top rated country music podcast, onthebrink-a country music podcast

"I drink my coffee black, with a little shot of Jack.."

The song is potentially about the morning after a little rowdiness at the local honky tonk. He's drinking coffee, and whiskey, smoking a cigarette, and saying I messed up, and want you back bad. In the song, he reminisces how his woman would pass the sugar, and butter his toast, now he has whiskey, beer, and a whole lotta lonely for breakfast. In the bridge, the song speeds up to a Ray Price styled shuffle that also harkens audio memories of George Strait. The latter is someone that Cameron unwittingly looks an awful lot alike. I wondered, if I was the only person that saw the connection, but when I looked at Cameron's Facebook page it became clear that the resemblance is uncanny.

The song ends with almost sixty seconds of top shelf jamming with all hands on deck. We really get to hear how talented the musicians are on this single. By the end of the song Cameron is convinced that his love is not coming back, and is telling the boys to pack it up..

Breakfast of a Fool artfully showcases all the things we love about traditional country music. A story about a love lost, the day-to-day coping, wistfulness, and lingering hope. The savory sprinkling of a well executed steel moan, and the Texas sized fiddle moving the song, and our feet forward are the icing on this audible delicacy. This is a song that George Strait could have easily recorded, and had a huge hit with.

Cameron has released two singles so far, and both are stone cold country. Please check out the links below for more information on this emerging indie artist. Request this song! Cameron is developing a grassroots following one fan at a time with literally no help from radio promoters, and marketing companies. Every share, and spin helps! And don't forget to check out New Traditionalist Podcast episode with Cameron below.






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