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Support Live Music!

We just wanted to drop a quick note to all the #StoneColdCountry fans that are enjoying the music, and great artists we share on the show every week, and on our #OnTheBrink Podcast every month. As we push through this year still dealing with

reduced opportunities to enjoy live music from the artists we love to play, we ask our community to seriously consider supporting live music.

Some iconic venues have permanently closed. While others are hanging on with little more than a prayer, and an unquenchable passion. Every week from our Twitter account @stonecoldctry we try to tweet a couple of shows from Traditional country honky tonkers that live to perform for you. We greatly encourage y'all to get out, and enjoy the great music these artist tirelessly write, record, and perform for country music fans across the world..

It is truly one of the most viable ways to ensure that the music we love will continue forward. With the latest stats of COVID19 showing sharp declines, and a full rollout of various vaccines there is reason to be hopeful. However, we still encourage to use precautions to protect yourself, and others. as you can never be too safe.

With that being said, we've listed a couple of venues below where we've noticed many of our favorites have played in the recent past. We encourage y'all to check their listings,

and patronage these fine establishments that are providing opportunities for Traditional country artists to play, and share the best music in the world!

If we missed your favorite venue let us know, but more importantly get out, and support live music!


Austin, Texas

Bakersfield, Ca

Brennen, GA

College Station,TX

Colorado Springs, Co

Nashville, TN


The Woodlands,TX

Spread good country music around, and share with the social media links below. Also, don't forget to follow the blogger on Twitter: Listen to more good country music here.

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