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The New Traditional

7 new traditional leaning country songs

The New Traditional
New Traditional Leaning Country Songs

Welcome friends, we’re the ladies of Stone Cold Country, and this is the new traditional. Today we are featuring seven new songs with the old school country style we love so much. First up is Vince Gill. Vince Gill & Paul Franklin, Kissing Your Picture Is So Cold @VGcom

Part of a tribute album to the late great Ray Price, to be released August 4th. I love Ray Price. I’m very happy to see this. It is truly one of the ways we can keep old school country alive. The artists that are still recording, and performing should dust off some of these gems, so that a new generation can hear this amazing music. If it’s not done it will just fade away, and that would be a shame. This is so good. Let’s go ahead and hear the incredibly talented Vince Gill with Steel Guitar virtuoso Paul Franklin

Larry Fleet, Layaway @larryfleet A modern day classic working man’s hymn. Based on his own experiences working years in construction and a tribute to fellow working man, which included family and friends. Given the current economic times,this song will hit home with many for sure. Let’s give it a spin.

Dallas Moore, Halo Too Tight:@dallasmoore This is the first single from his new album No God In Juarez. The album is a dream come true for Dallas who always wanted to release a record of Billie Gant’s songs, a mentor to Dallas. This is a funny song. I hope y’all will love it.

Ernest & 49 Winchester, Nightlife @ernest615 @49winchester A fresh new cover of Willie Nelson’s “Nightlife” Ernest is a big Willie fan and this is also his first collab with 49 Winchester.Great timing as there is some renewed interest in Ray Price. The album Nightlife went to number one for Ray in 1963. And this is exactly what I’m talking about when I say that the artists recording, and touring right now should dust off some of these classics and introduce them to new generations of music lovers. Good job y’all. Let’s hear Nightlife

Cody Ikerd & The Sidewinders, Dreamers Like Me @CodyIkerdMusic

This is the title cut from their debut album. The band is from Indiana. A big fan of Hank, Merle, and George. There’s definitely some twang, and southern rock on this album. Let’s give it a listen.

Michael Ray, Workin’ On It @Michaelraymusic A song about working through the issues in life in a positive way. While this song was written by HARDY, Morgan Wallen, Josh Osborne and Jesse Frasure, Micheal says the song's messages resonate with his own life.

The Del Mc Coury Band, Sally Joe-Del just turned 84 and is a bluegrass legend, starting his career with the father of bluegrass Bill Monroe in the 1960’s. He is one of the most awarded performers in bluegrass history. Most of the time I’ve seen them they are decked out in suits carrying the “gentleman” tradition in bluegrass which I absolutely love. Anyway, he is sounding better than ever, and this latest release is proof.

We’re going to let Del take us home. Check back on the 23rd for new songs from Texas area artists, and the beginning of each month for new traditional country songs. And for those of us that also like new modern country, you can check out our top picks on the 28th of each month. Like we always say, stay strong, stay true, and stay hungry.

Have a great rest of the week y’all and take care.


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