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The Texas Six Pack: May 2023

Updated: May 24, 2023


Hi, we’re the ladies of Stone Cold Country,

and this is the Texas Six Pack!

This time around we have six songs from national, and indie artists with Texas area roots that you should add to your playlists, radio station, blogs and share across social media.

The Texas Six Pack was a feature we created in late 2018 for our Stone Cold Country radio show. Due to the incredible popularity of the segment, in January 2023,we decided to roll it out as a stand alone podcast with new episodes on the 23rd of each month. With over 10k listeners across platforms, Our goal is to share new music you may have not heard yet..

We always kick things off with noteworthy news from the longhorn state.

Big news from the Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame as Famed 80s singer/songwriter KT Oslin will be inducted. It is posthumously as KT passed on in a Nashville nursing home in 2020. She charted four number ones, and a total of 17 songs on Billboard. KT was a 3 time Grammy Award winner. The Country Music Hall Of Fame’s American Currents State Of The Music is live. This is an annual exhibit where the hall of fame explores a broad view of country music’s current trends. Broad is the right word as the exhibit includes Americana, folk, classic country artists as well as current billboard country charting artists.

This year they’ve included several artists with Texa area roots like Miranda, Lainey, Cojo, and Jordan Davis among others. For more info go to country music hall of fame dot org.

Lastly, On May 13th, 2023, the LBJ Foundation honored Willie Nelson with its most prestigious award, the LBJ Liberty & Justice for All Award at a gala dinner at the LBJ Presidential Library.

Lyndon B. Johnson’s daughters Luci and Lynda Johnson presented Nelson with the award.

In attendance, and performing some of Willie’s top songs were Eric Church,and Lyle Lovett among others. How cool is that. I love it when artists are recognized with these epic awards while they are still alive. I think that’s what Tanya Tucker’s comeback album While I’m Living was all about.

Allright, well let’s dig in. This show is a solid mix of current country music styles, and honky tonk country

First up is The Broken Spokes!. I just love it when we can play a straight up honky tonk song that is new, and good. It’s nice to see there are some keepers of the flame still out there. Let’s hear Moved Into A Bottle..

The Broken Spokes

Song: Moved into a Bottle

Label:Brent Artall Music. Twitter:@BrokenSpokesHT

Next up is:

George Birge from Austin. You might recognize that name as he was the lead singer for Waterloo Revival. He’s on the RECORDS Nashville label. Here’s Mind On You

Song: Mind On You

Label: Records Nashville


Next up is Country Music Hall Of Famer Tanya Tucker. A real funny story about her new song. The song was pitched to Tanya, and she gave it to her boyfriend for a second opinion. After he listened to it, Tanya asked him if he liked it. He quipped and said like it hell, I wrote it! Lol..

Songwriter creds to Craig Dillingham, Tanya’s beau, and

Outlaw Country’s Billy Don Burns.

This is When The Rodeo Is Over..

Tanya Tucker

Song: When The Rodeo Is Over

Label:Fantasy Records


CATIE OFFERMAN From New Braunfells She graduated from the Berklee College of Music at age 19 and has been on UMG since 2019.

She was also included in CMT’s 2023 Next Women of Country list.

Let’s hear her latest I Just Killed A Man

Song: I Just Killed A Man

Label:UMG Recordings


Up & Comer Lawson Harris, an indie artist From Decatur, Texas is on deck.

A real cowboy, he rodeo’d for two years at Weatherford College before pursuing his passion in country music and songwriting. Let’s hear Next To You.

Song: Next To You



Another Up & Coming indie artist

Palmer Anthony, who has already earned 3 million streams on Spotify and Apple Music.

Song: Between You and Me



We’re closing out with Jordan Davis’s new song Next Thing You Know.

It’s currently number 10 on the billboard country airplay chart

We’ll be back on the 28th with our top new song picks globally,

And on the 23rd with another TexasSixPack.

Don’t forget to check out the blog on for interesting stories on country music like the 7 country stars that were robbed! Two were home invasion which is really scary..

And like we always say stay strong, stay true, and stay hungry!


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