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Where To Bag A Big Buck

This is my uncle's favorite time of year to go deer hunting.

He calls it the rut, which is when the White Tails he likes to hunt

start looking for their fair maidens. To hear him talk about it you'd think he was describing a scene from the Legends Of The Fall. I try not to rib him too much about it as it's one of the very few things he still loves doing post stroke.

Just to be clear, he's not romanticizing the deer looking for his maiden, no not at all. His rich depictions complete with time of night, the smell of the grass, and the moon phase..eyes rolling, are vivid retellings of the various times as he states that God has graced him with a gift from the heavens expertly encapsulated in the form of a deer..

And I guess I use to expertly tune out all the conversations early on

with my dad, uncles, distant kin folk, and such comparing antlers, and whooping it up on the ones that got a way. But recently, and maybe since my dad's passing, I've been thinking about those chats, a cabin full of hairy, rugged, but very funny men that literally let their sick days, vacation days, and paid time off pile up just to use for these once a year outings. I think it's great to have something you love so much that keeps you going no matter what.

I never knew how awesome Bagging a Big Buck actually was until I started meeting hunters that never have. I kind of just took it for granted that every deer hunter had because of the success my uncle always had. Not to mention the awesome meat, I got to eat in early winter, yum. With that being said, I thought it would be fun to list some of my dad, and uncle's favorite hunting places. You might have a better chance at scoring a 14 pointer. at one of these..

But firstly, I did want to pass on some advice based on some of the things my dad, and uncle did routinely. And well, it worked!

Get most of your hunting done between Tuesday, and Thursday. The deers are smart, and know the hunters are out thick on the weekends. They lay low or go elsewhere in an effort to avoid the humans..

Swampy areas in the deep woods where it's hard for man to travel even by foot are great! My dad bagged the biggest buck of his life a 20 pointer under those conditions.

Set up where the wind blows at 90 degrees from where the deer roam. My dad didn't use scents, but did wear Camo, and rotated his spots, so that the deer didn't pick up on his maneuverings.

The shortlist that follows are places where my dad, and uncle bagged some of their biggest bucks! They offer a combination of favorable conditions, and deers a plenty. Though the eye is on the prize, don't forget to have fun too. That's one thing I noticed makes all the difference in the world.

A person's attitude can really impact how successful they are going to be, and the morale of the group. My dad's buddies, at the end of the day were really looking forward to being with the boys, and catching up. Bagging a Big Buck was just the whiskey chaser, as it should be. Happy hunting y'all!

South Carolina: Trophy Hunters

And here's a list of top states that according to American Hunter have the biggest bucks!

229 inch beast! If this story doesn't inspire you..

Here are some awesome songs to listen in the cabin while your plotting that big kill!


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