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10 Things You Don't Know about Chase Crawford

We love to keep our ear to the ground for traditional country music artists that are flying below the radar. Chase Crawford is one of those quietly working as a Guitar Instructor in Georgia, and writing quality songs about his life. He is definitely a must check out artist, if you like Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, and Dwight Yoakam. We had a conversation with Chase recently, where he shared stories about his Pentecostal upbringing, his dad who was a gospel singer, and preacher, and Chase's own past struggles. Here are 10 things about Chase that will give you some insight into this talented bonafide troubadour that is keeping it country in 2020.

1. He politely left a deal with a publisher because they said his sound was “too country.”

2. His father Greg Crawford was a Pentecostal “Tent Preacher” for 40 years, who’s also recorded a few southern gospel albums.

3. The first song Chase recorded in Nashville was, ‘The Problem With Angels”

4. “The Problem With Angels” was about a breakup and him realizing the damage he had done to the other person by placing unrealistic expectations on them.

5. Chase’s first band was mainly composed of some friends. Initially, he couldn’t find a steel guitar or fiddle player due to the popularity of “bro-country”in Georgia at the time..

6. One of Chase’s earliest musical memories is his father singing “I Saw The Light” by Hank Williams.

7. “Guitar Town” by Steve Earle is one of the first songs Chase connected with on a personal level.

8. Steve Earle is one of his biggest influences, both on musical style and complete refusal to do what others told him to do.

9. He’s also a big fan of Gary Stewart, who was also a favorite of Bob Dylan.

10. Country music for Chase Crawford is stuff that is real, stuff that comes from the soul.

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