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Country Music: More Than Just a Twang

I try to sneak a peak every Friday at the Billboard charts just to see what's going on.

I was real happy to see King George on the charts with Every Little Honky Tonk Bar.

The reason why George's latest success is so important is due to the general climate of

country music radio. Every song pretty much sounds the same from guys that arguably look similar, and sing about the same things-dirt roads, getting lucky, and pickup trucks. What happened to songs about trains, momma, and prison? Lol, okay just kidding, but seriously, country music or at least what is played on most radio stations is just pop music with a twang.

I personally, do not have a problem with whatever someone wants to listen to, but I don't like feeling spoon-fed. I know there is better music out there, that is why Stone Cold Country exists!

Getting back to George Strait, I totally hear Hank, and he even mentions him in the song, which is awesome. Because from George it sounds authentic, and not a shameless plug, since Mr. Strait musically, really has nothing to prove at this point in his career..

Also, I could not help but notice that in just a mere three weeks a very popular country pop group's new song peaked low at 80, and descended to the fiery pits of hell to 98. Is there a correlation with George's recent success, and FGL's recent lackluster performance? It's something to ponder. Also, Cody Johnson, Midland, and most recently the ELI Whitney Band have made strong appearances on the Billboard Country charts. As a fan, I'm really hoping this is a pivot towards more traditional forms of country music. You know, the songs that make you feel better about a heartache, a loss or at the very least lets you know you are not alone.

The biggest issue with pop country is the soullessness. Where is the angst, the pain, the guts spilling on the ground? I do hear that gut wrenching emotional quality in Carrie's voice, and have caught a glimpse of it in Maren's though I wish she'd write, and record more songs like My Church.

The future of Country Music is still in good hands. If, you have any doubt listen to Dee White, Tyler Childers, Erin Enderlin, and Stetson Walker. for starters. And do listen to the #StoneColdCountry show 12:00 PM-2:00 PM on Mondays, and 7-9:00 PM Tues,Wed, and Thursday.

We are a #MusicDiscovery tool, and aim to share the quality honky tonk, and roots music that is still being recorded, played, and sung all over America, and the world.


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