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Honky Tonk Heroes

Jamey Johnson, Merle Haggard, Billy Don Burns are just a few of the names that come up when you ask Singer/Songwriter TJ Hernandez about his heroes. TJ definitely has a distinct perspective that comes from a 20 year career in law enforcement. Yet, refreshingly enough, he is not jaded by everything he's seen, and experienced.

He is hopeful, and hardworking often playing all-nighters on the weekends, while still holding down a demanding job, and supporting his beautiful family. TJ might be the embodiment of the American dream of yesteryear. An unsung hero who is quietly making a difference in the new traditional country musical landscape.

A had-working family man telling his truths with a pen, and guitar..

On this episode, we talk about his inspiring debut album "Destination Unknown". The title track for me is especially compelling. It lays out his journey at this stage of his life, and imparts the motivation needed to embark on the ever elusive trek towards your dreams. It is not a pie-in-the-sky narrative, but rather what I like to call realistic optimism. This album is a sobering look at life, and the perils of the road. If you like Cody Jinks, Jamey Johnson, and Merle Haggard then you really do have to pick this one up.

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