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Music Review: Carlton Anderson- Yours

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

It is a shame there are only four songs on this EP. Carlton weaves love, memories, faith, and hope in four carefully crafted songs that wrap you in a warm comfy blanket of what many of us were told as truths growing up.

However, especially in the song "Jesus Wins" it becomes clear that

some of our long held beliefs may need a little revisiting. It is also clear that no matter what we might be facing faith can make all the difference in the world.

"Goodbye San Antone" is ripe with western motifs, a lyrical testament, and a hat tip to his home state of Texas. "Bluebonnets", our favorite track finds Carlton closing his eyes, to see his lady fair under a sky of cotton with a red bandana tied in her hair.. He goes on to describe the auditory sensation of a mockingbird singing along with the radio, and his girl in a field of bluebonnets right outside of Austin.

It's a beautifully written song. Carlton takes us shotgun on his ride, and we get to see through his eyes delightful memories that confirm his passionate depths. The mandolin is an exquisite romantic touch that conveys a feel of strolling through the countryside with the one that you love.

In fact, every song on this EP is a confirmation of love's over-arching power. Even when a decision to leave is made in "Goodbye San Antone", he is brought back to the one true love that has stood the test of time. Just like the Texas bluebonnets that are a permanent fixture in the lone star state's landscape.

The ending track "Jesus Wins" is the ultimate closer as Jesus is love, and love always wins. This EP is a must listen for those that like traditional country music with a touch of newgrass. If you are expecting big guitar solos, and double bass drums take a pass on this one.

This EP's soundscape is somewhere between George Strait, and The Wooks. Carlton's soulful baritone is straightforward, but impactful. We can't wait for a full album. This one is definitely a keeper!

Artist: Carlton Anderson

Current Release: Yours

Label: Where Cowboys Are King

Artist Website

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