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Music Review: Perfect Place For The Blues


If you have any doubts on whether traditional country music is alive and well in the here, and now, Ken Mellons has an answer for you and it's a resounding YES! "Perfect Place For The Blues" is the Jukebox Junkie's latest 10 song release. Ken two steps us into the future all in 3/4 time, and without missing a beat.

The new release is kicked off by the aptly titled "I Can't Kick My Country", anthemic, spirited, and fun! First shots have been fired!, If you were thinking Ken has settled down, slowed down or adapted to the winds of drum beats, and snap tracks, well then you would be wrong. This is a toe tapping' whirl your girl around the dance floor sort of song that will delight dancehalls, and honky tonks far, and wide.

The title track take us to Memphis where the protagonist is nursing a broken heart. The dobro underscores the matter-of-fact sorrow of the subject. But it's not a gut wrenching on my last breath type of song.. It's more mature, and coming from a familiar place. Been there done that, and lived to tell.

Love Don't Work That Way takes us a step back to why you might be nursing a broken heart in Memphis. The break up is here, and it's messy, as love can be sometimes.. It's complicated. And friendship is off the table as the words ring "You want to untie the knot, but keep the ties", and my door don't swing both ways.. We can still be friends is just not going to cut it, not this time.. But again, there is a level of maturity even as his heart is being broken, he still keeps his cool, but you are not going to be someone's fool..

When It Comes To Losing You is my favorite from the entire album. This song could have easily been written, and recorded by Vern Gosdin. It's traditional honky tonk country at its best. A broken heart, regret, desperation, loneliness, and a last ditch effort to salvage a relationship that has faded out of existence are artfully assembled in a collage of familiar sounds.

Well written, clever turn of phrase, and relevant analogies throughout move the song, and listener forward. If Ken is planning on officially releasing a single to radio, this should be the one.

Big On Me, and Mr. DJ will find you kicking' up some sawdust. While The Sun Always Shines, The Hurt Is Healin', and What Love Can Do finds a healed heart that has moved forward wiser, and stronger than ever. It's clear better choices rooted in love, faith, and family have been made, and now the harvest can be reaped.

This album is chock full of grown-up music. Yes grown-up music y'all for those that know what real heartbreak feels like.. Ken's voice is in top form, and richer with a heartfelt honesty rarely heard.

Here's an album that has the best of both worlds! You'll cry in your beer, and two step the hurt away.

There are no fillers here. This is 100% traditional honky tonk music for the hardcore purist. Don't sleep on this one. Ken makes it real easy to buy each album track for individual purchase on his website

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