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#OnTheBrink June 2021

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

A New Country: The Blaine Holcomb Interview




Blaine Holcomb is one of the new voices in the Nashville scene that are bringing their interpretation of country music front, and center! His sound is somewhere between Luke Combs, and Cody Johnson. You can hear that he is a fan of traditional country as he does not shy away from adding steel guitar, and fiddle. Blaine has paid his dues cutting his teeth on the tough broadway club circuit in Nashville.

He even netted a residency at the traditional country venue Music City Bar.

His latest six song EP Over a Beer is like pulling up a seat, and watching Blaine’s life unfold. From heartfelt times fishing with his late papaw to deriving inspiration from a fan at a show. It's all in the songs, which by the way, Blaine mostly wrote. He is especially happy in how he's grown as a songwriter, and hopes country music fans will connect with the stories he's Sharen on this EP. They are stories about his life!

In this #onthebrink special we talk about his early life growing up in a family of hunters, his love for traditional country, and Blaine's future. For fans of Riley Green, John Pardi, and Cojo.


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