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Single Review: Alcohol Abuse

What can we say about 2021? Well, we may still be dealing with situations outside of our control, but aren't we just a tad bit grateful for the amazing music we've enjoyed this year?! I know we are here at SCC, and this is one of the songs that has put a smile on our collective faces once again. But, first let me provide some background information that may prove interesting.

We came across a talented Texan from San Angelo back in 2018 when he had the year-end top two song in the longhorn state. The song was titled Texas Rain, and it was literally impossible to escape this song in the latter part of 2018. It was written by Shotgun Rider, a promising Texas band that has since disbanded.

Things were looking great for Case, and then the unexpected happened, a diagnosis that kept him from performing, and recording the following year. Check out our podcast below for more information on Case's incredible perseverance during this unfortunate time. Suffice to say, Case has come out on the sunny side, and picked up where he left off with music albeit now more seasoned, and grateful for the opportunity.

Case started working diligently on his new album Lucky Him, which is his sophomore effort, and the follow-up to Over Fort Worth. Enter Alcohol Abuse, which Case came by through Bernie Nelson, who we spoke to a couple of weeks ago. It truly is such a small world. As Case tells it in the podcast, Bernie's friend Billy Yates, who wrote I Don't Need Your Rocking Chair, and Choices, both recorded by George Jones had a fun song, he thought Case could do a great job on..

Case tells a fun story in the New Traditionalists podcast about how he was able to master an incredibly hard part in the chorus. The song starts with a Mark Chesnutt styled guitar intro that grabs you by the boots, and releases you on the sawdust floors. It's the 90's all over again y'all! "The glass hit the chicken wire in front of my face.." The intro line sets the scene so succinctly. No, this is not a residency at Harrahs. The band is in a honky tonk, and it's getting rowdy. I love how cleverly the song is written as the guitars, and Case's vocals move the story forward. We find that the bouncer cracks a bottle over the rebel rouser's head, and the police are called. But law enforcement is more appalled by the shameful waste of beverages than they are by the ruckus. Case is to be commended for his tempered yet convincing delivery of a song that is very hard to sing. Dear Lord, who can remember all those drinks.

The song has been covered several times including versions from Marshall Dane, Gabe Garcia, and most recently Dustin Sonnier. I do take exception that Billy did not mention Apple Jack, Martinis or Gin & Tonic in his list of beverages.. As of Oct 29th, 2021, Case was sitting at #2 on the Texas Regional Radio Report. Call the stations listed here, and request the song y'all! Let's take it to number one. Case is coming to a town near you. Check out his tour schedule on And don't forget to check out the podcast below.



Artist: Case Hardin

Song: Alcohol Abuse

Writer: Billy Yates

Album: Lucky Him (Will Be Released Dec 2021)



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