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Stetson Walker: Conversations w/a Texas Gentleman

Chris Stapleton, and I've seen the future of country music, and his name is Stetson Walker! This Texas Troubadour's wistful. baritone, and soulful twang is catapulting his latest single up the Texas charts.

Stetson draws from a deep well of country music tradition. He is a 9th generation Texan, and is an honorary Texas Ranger.. His mother was a regular on the Grand Ole Opry where she sang as part of the Jim & Jesse band. His grandfather is cited as one of the first musician's to bring bluegrass to the great state of Texas. Stetson's latest release reads like a who's who in country songwriting including a song from mega star Chris Stapleton.

Stetson counts several of Willie Nelson's band members among his friends, and after you hear this interview, you'll be a friend too! A multi-instrumentalist, he's shared the stage with Tracy Byrd, and Mark Chesnutt among others. Check out the interview, and get to know this fine Texas Gentleman, who is a true testament of old school country tempered with thoughtful lyrics, and session level playing chops.

Stetson will not be a secret for long. Don't sleep on this one. This train is building up steam, and ready to roll. I've seen the future of country music, and his name is Stetson Walker.

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