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The New Traditional

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Hot New Traditional Leaning Country Songs


Greetings we are the ladies of Stone Cold Country, and you are listening to The New Traditional.This time around, we are sharing 11 traditional country leaning songs from major labels, and Indie artists.

First some news that is of interest to Traditional Country fans.

The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum will explore the life and career of Country Music Hall of Fame member-elect Patty Loveless in a new exhibition, Patty Loveless: No Trouble with the Truth. The exhibit will trace Loveless' story, from a musical prodigy to a Grammy award-winning country music star who carries forward the sounds of her Appalachian roots. The exhibit, which will be open from Aug. 23 through October 2024, is included with museum admission.

And while you are in Nashville, check out The Malpass Brothers. They are Stone Cold Country. From the smooth pompadours to the glittery nudie suits, these gentlemen are the real deal. Merle Haggard produced their debut in 2011. They will be back at The Opry House on July 15th. Check them out, you’ll be happy you did..

First up is someone who has appeared on The Opry dozens of times. We’re talking about Ray Scott.


His new song: is Hey Fool. Kind of a warning call to all men who play with women’s hearts through unfaithful womanizing, this song sings from the perspective of an ex-womanizer whose ways have caught up to him, and caused him to lose both the love he had and any future prospects he might have had.

We spoke to Ray some time ago, and he really credits his wife with turning his life around. We’ve linked the interview in the podcast notes, and blog post on our website stone cold

Logan Michael

Song: I Hate Country Music

A song about how bittersweet classic love songs and “don’t wrong” songs feel when you’ve experienced a break up, and when those songs remind you of the relationship and happiness you used to have.

Danny Burns Featuring Sam Bush @dannyburnsband @sam_bush

Song: Come To Jesus Danny Burns covers one of the prolific Mindy Smith’s greatest hits. Mindy has worked with many artists in the Americana and pop field, such as Dolly Parton, Vince Gill and Amy Grant.

Braden Jamieson @Braden_Jamison

Song: Caught Me At A Good Time Braden says this song is anyone wanting to get over a past relationship and enjoy their summer! This fun little tune celebrates spending time with friends and meeting new people that helps someone get over past hangups.

Jake Owen @jakeowen

Song: Loose Cannon

The title track from his latest album, which is all about summertime fun and R & R. This track is a sweet love song.

Jameson Rodgers @jamesonrodgers

Song: Mine For The Summer

Inspired by his relationship with his life, this title track was borne from the desire to elicit a similar feeling to the legendary Goo Goo Dolls song “Iris.” Jameson says it’s one of the favorite songs he’s written.

Billy Currington @billycurrington

Song: City Don’t

A salute to all the things that make country living great, whether it be gazing at the stars in the night sky or the familiar fields, or the sense of simple community.

Dee White

Song: Wagon Girl

A song co-wrote by Dee himself and Serg Sanchez after they binged on Waylon Jennings and Vern Gosdin records.

Roman Alexander

Song: One Tequila

Roman plays the role of an undercover sheriff who falls for and runs off with the captivating female suspect. The cinematic style of the music video was very much intentional, inspired by the singer’s love of 70s cop shows. Keep an eye out for the video for “Downtime”, the sequel to this story.

Stephen Paul

Song: Good For Nothing

This tender wedding song recollects on how the years pass by, how things change and nostalgia for all the times shared, the past and how, despite the wildness of youth, “they didn’t turn out too bad.”

Morgan Wallen @MorganWallen

Song: Everything I Love

Sounds like Waylon! I wonder if the One more silver dollar is a reference to Greg Allman’s Midnight Rider?

According to Mediabase between June 25-29,the song gained 1663 points. Only Jelly Roll’s I Need A Favor bested it w/ 1706 points. But remember, this song was just released to radio, so those are still good numbers.

Allright, we’re closing out with Morgan Wallen’s latest.

Also, check out our Top New Country Picks Podcast for new modern country picks and The Texas Six Pack for new songs from Texas Area artists. You can find it all under #OnTheBrink everywhere BUT, we would especially appreciate it if you listen on Pandora as we are one of a hand-picked few country podcasts on the platform..

Don’t forget to check out the blog on for interesting stories on country music like Veterans and Country, where we explore the deep relationship between our military communities, and country music.

And like we always say: Stay strong, stay true, and stay hungry.

Have a great rest of your week, God bless, and take care..


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