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Top 20 Country Albums (2022)

What a great year for country music 2022 was! There is proof that bro country is on its last leg, and more meaningful, and heartfelt tunes are emerging ever so slowly..

And it's not just the legacy artists who we expect more traditional leaning sounds from that are staying true to the core. We have a growing stable of up & comers that are riding longer than eight seconds to make their mark on this wide musical landscape.. We're here for it, and are happy to see it. If you are wondering where to start, check out our New Traditionalist Podcast Series. There you'll find the original six we highlighted

that are keeping old school country music alive.

Our methodology for how the albums were picked is very straightforward. The listeners of the #StoneColdCountry show click on the heart icon on our web player when they like a song. We also counted the web chats, and website form sends stating a particular song was well received, and not just a general like for the artist. We then took note of multiple songs liked from the same album. For the tie breakers, we let our member community vote through an emailed poll. In order to qualify, the album had to be released in 2022. The list is not in any particular order. We as a rule do not rank music or choose a top album for the year.

As a side note, you will all get to hear the Stone Cold Country show starting on January 28th, 2023. Per your requests, we are bringing our picks, and quips to the Pandora network, and all major streaming networks. Moving forward with our top country albums for 2022, you will find we have an enviable mix of traditional country, honky tonk styled, and quality new country. There is definitely a variety of styles represented, but the one thing all the albums have in common is the artists are singing about real life.

Three chords and the truth is country music, and that is what it will always be. And if you have a good story to tell, well that is like the cherry on the top of the sundae. The top country album picks this year all have a story to tell, they just tell it in different but still authentic ways. There's something for the heartbroken, and the still hopeful. For those past the point of caring, and the barely breathing crowd, you are in the right place. Listen with fresh ears, and an open heart, you might find something you thought was lost forever..




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