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Top 20 From 2020 (Songs)

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

2020 is a year all of us hope to forget, but probably never will.

Country music has especially been hit hard. We've lost legends, and legends have lost loved ones, divorces, breakups, and then there was Corona. It just goes on, and on, but the bright spot, if any in 2020 was the music..

I've always said country music can get you through just about everything. That theory was put to the test in 2020 as we saw our favorite artists stop touring, established venues fold, and social media play an important role in hearing some of our top bands, and staying connected.

We hadn't realized how many artists just released stand alone singles in 2020. As a matter of fact, this 20 from 2020 came about because there were several singles we loved that were not on an album! We were in the process of putting together our favorite albums for the year. And looked up our favorite songs to see which albums they were on. Big surprise..

The music industry has gone full circle y'all. Back in the day of Hank, and Lefty singles were the way most music was released.

If you had enough hit singles then you got to record an album.

Simple, and effective as the bottom line for the music business is revenues.

However, for the hardcore country music fan, it's quite possible that your favorite song is a deep cut on an album. Often the case here, it's a song that has not been officially released, and maybe never will be. Keeping this in mind, on this list we share a combination of officially released 2020 singles, and some deep cut favorites on albums that were released in 2020.

Whenever we take the time to put together a list like this it's for two primary reasons. Firstly to share quality music with fans that might have not heard of the artist or music before. And secondly to acknowledge quality music. As always the end goal is for you the fan to add a new tune or artist to your playlists. And that you will share those playlists anywhere you can.

So without further adieu here are what will become the twenty songs from 2020. A work in progress. These songs either kept our toes tapping, our tears flowing or gave us hope for the future. A COVID-19 free world with no masks, curfews, and an undisputed president.. Well it doesn't hurt to dream..


Song: Ain't Always The Cowboy

Artist: Jon Pardi


Song: You Pay For It

Artist: Tyler Gummersall


Song: One By One

Artist: Hayden Haddock


Song: Rollin' Stolen

Artist: Addison Johnson


Song: When It Comes To Losing you

Artist: Ken Mellons


Song: Missin' You Mississippi

Artist: Dustin Sonnier


Song: Take Away this Pain

Artist: Carson Jeffrey


Song: Tonight I Went To Church

Artist: Jr Herrera


Song: Rolling Stone

Artist: Lainey Wilson


Song: Still a Little Country Left

Artist: Curtis Grimes


Song: Another Town

Artist: Jon Stork


Song: Stay

Artist: Chris Colston


Song: Teach Me To forget

Artist: Wyatt Massingille


Song: The Greatest Country Singer of Them All

Artist: Dennis Ledbetter


Song: Heartache Doesn't Have a Closin' Time

Artist: Moe Bandy


Song: A Long Violent History

Artist: Tyler Childers


Song: I'll Hang On

Artist: Matt Carson


Song: Innocent Man

Artist: The Steel Drivers


Song: High Horse

Artist: Early James


Song: End Of My Rope

Artist: Pokey LaFarge


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