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Top Ten New Traditional Country Artists: Vol I (Our Picks)

These artists are #keepinitcountry, check them out, and help support traditional country music

Y'all back in February 2020, we started a quarterly YouTube series

titled the Top 10 New Traditional "Real" Country Artists. The general idea was to share artists that are still keeping the music they record in the traditional country music vein.

Now, I also know there is a bit of debate concerning what is truly country music. I don't think that's a bad thing as long as it is an intelligent dialogue where absolute statements such as "no good country music has existed since 1959.." or other similar declarations remain absent. Absolute statements tend to carry a heavy burden of proof. When it comes to music like Moe Bandy, and Waylon said, country music is a feeling, and is subject to the individual's taste..

In other words, there will always be a group of people somewhere that disagree with you.

Now the issue that I see ever so clearly is that way back in the 20's when Jimmie Rodgers, and the Carter Family started recording there was no delineation between folk, and country music. As a matter of fact, the term "country music" was not even used yet.

This is where the debate we have now really stems from, but I'm going to fully unpack the nuances of what I'm saying in a new series. Subscribe to the site, if you haven't already, and you'll be notified as soon as the first installment is posted.

I do want to define the New Traditional moniker that I use to describe the music showcased. It's very simple really, the music shared was recorded in the past couple of years. In stark contrast to Traditional Country that was recorded decades ago.

I also use New Traditional because the artists put their own spin on the music. But when you listen to this New Traditional Country Music you can still hear the classic country underpinnings. We need more artists that can retain a classic sound without losing their own authenticity or individuality.

Moving forward, I posted this video on YouTube around February of 2020. My intent is to post a new set of ten Traditional Country music artists, you should check out every quarter. As stated previously, this was the very first installment, and I'm sharing it here, albeit 7 months later so that you can access all the installments in one convenient space.

Here is the second installment of the series. The third installment will be posted at the end of September. So without further ado what follows are a video w/ snippets of artists we feel are keeping it country . Additionally, we've provided some information on most of the artists, and links to their music.

Please do not forget to follow, like, share the artist across all platforms. Especially now w/ Covid 19 still looming, buying merchandise, and tangible product on their site can make all the difference in the world.

I've started replacing all my digital product with vinyl.. Unfortunately, not all the artists I like offer vinyl. That is a totally different music listening experience. Listening to an entire album in one sitting requires your undivided attention, and great company. Also good food, and beverages help to round out the immersive experience. I especially like talking about the songs, and artists after the first listening. I highly recommend doing this, if you are a total music junkie.


State: Louisiana

Latest Release: Between The Stones & Jones


State: Texas

Latest Release: Let Me Introduce You


Artist: Jake Stringer

State: Missouri

Noteworthy: Former drummer for David Allan Coe


State: Louisiana

Latest Release: Opposite Walls

Noteworthy: 2017 AWA Pure Country Song of The Year Award

2014 Best New Country Artist of the Year by the New Music Weekly magazine.

2013 Country Discovery Artist award byThe Independent Music Network


State: Texas

Latest Release: Long Live The Cowboy

Noteworthy: Top30 Texas Regional chart, Cowboys Atlanta

(Former house band)


State: North Carolina

Noteworthy: From the moonshining swamps of Johnston County, North Carolina


Artist: Doug Seegers

From New York

Currently lives in Sweden

Latest Release: A Story I Got To Tell

Noteworthy: #9 on Billboard Heatseeker chart (2014)

Gold album (Sweden)

#11 Sverigetopplistan (Swedish chart)


State: Texas

Upcoming Release: How The River Flows

Noteworthy: Music Row's DISCovery Award, 100K+ streams

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