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The New Traditional Country Podcast-August 2023

Updated: Mar 30

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The New Traditional Country Podcast

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Greetings fellow humanoids we are the ladies of Stone Cold Country,

and this is the New Traditional. Here we play six new traditional leaning country songs for your listening pleasure.

But first some thoughts and news..Will Morgan Wallen beat the all-time Hot 100 No. 1 supremacy: Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” featuring

Billy Ray Cyrus. It was number one for a record-breaking 19 weeks in 2019. Morgan is headed towards his 16th non consecutive week at number one.

Love to see it, so exciting for country music… We also had three songs take the first three slots on the Hot 100. Country music is surging right now. He almost broke the internet last night as fans in Ohio started posting about Morgan’s bald head! Lol..But can you really blame him? It is so hot and most of his shows are open air with no or limited air conditioners.

That has to be brutal. Yes, absolutely. Please don't hurt me y'all, but I’m not the biggest fan of mullets! I know several people that are very passionate about their mullets! But It reminds me too much of that comedy movie Joe Dirt..Which by the way was not a bad movie..

Oh, and Congrats to Keith Urban and Kix Brooks they will be inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame this year. As well as David Lee Murphy, Dust On The Bottle, Party Crowd, and several other hits from the 90s. He’s been turning up as a co-writer in the last couple of years.

The ceremony will be on October 11 during the 53rd Anniversary Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame Gala held at the Music City Center.

And sadly, Johnny Hardwick, the Emmy winning voice actor, comedian and producer best known for playing Dale Gribble on “King of the Hill,” died on August 10th. He was from the Austin, TX area.

You can get tickets now to The Wildwood Barefoot Country Music Fest on the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey. Eric Church, Jon Pardi and a bunch of other top performers will be playing. It’s held in June, and tickets sell out fast..You can get tickets at

Allright, let’s dig in


First up is Vince Gill & Paul Franklin @VGcom, Healing Hands of Time One of Vince’s favorite Willie-penned songs. This track is part of Sweet Memories: The Music of Ray Price & The Cherokee Cowboys Tribute album. Gill & Franklin had previously played on Willie’s tribute to The Cherokee Cowboy For The Good Times back in 2016.

A fun new one from Craig Campbell is up next

He wrote, and sang one of my faves Outskirts Of Heaven in 2016, what a beautiful song. What I Thank When I Dranki is his new one, let’s hear it. @craigcampbell

Next up is an indie newcomer and 6th generation Kentucky Cattle Farmer Ryne Brashear @Ryne_Brashear: Better With a Buzz

Next up is UMG’s Dalton Dover, who was also on ‘The Voice.

- I Wouldn’t Be Here is a song he wrote as a tribute to his Momma


Teddy Robb @TeddyRobb, Question The Universe Inspired by a real experience the singer had about meeting the perfect girl, but not so perfect timing.. Let’s give it a spin..

Let’s hear J.D. Shelburne @JDSHELBURNE /Amazing Grace (featuring The Oak Ridge Boys) A dream collab for Shelburne, the synergy between J.D. and the legends in the studio shine through this classic, iconic gospel standard.

We’re closing out with The SteelDrivers, Somewhere Down The Road that is Chris Stapleton’s old band. I really like their fresh modern bluegrassy sound.

Checkout our other podcasts like our Texas Six Pack for our Texas Area New Song Picks. And our New Country Podcast for songs with a modern country sound. Sign up at to stay updated on new podcast episodes. And please support us on Pandora by listening there as we are one of a hand-picked few reppin’ country music on the platform.

Like we always say, stay strong, stay true, and stay hungry.

Have a great rest of the week y’all. And do me a favor, reach out to an old friend or loved one. With all the craziness happening in the world today, I’m sure they’ll want to know you were thinking about them.. Might just make someone’s day.. Take care..


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