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The New Traditionalists I: The Wyatt Massingille Interview

We're rolling out our brand new podcast series "The New Traditionalists". This is a six part series that focuses on traditional country music artists 25, and younger.  The participants in this series were handpicked from 100's of  artists we've reviewed in a six month timeframe. Some you may have heard of, and some will be new to your ears.

In every instance, these  New Traditionalists are keeping the torch lit, and held high for music in the vein of  George Jones, Vern Gosdin, and Keith Whitley just to name a few.

Our primary objective with this series is to share incredible rising talent that are making inroads into country music without forgetting the hardcore troubadours of yesteryear. In the first installment of the series we sit down with multi North American Country Music Association Awards recipient Wyatt Massingille. Wyatt's latest EP "No Jones On The Jukebox has generated mass appeal amongst traditional country music fans due to it's unequivocal stone cold country sound.

In our interview, Wyatt confirms his unwavering love for traditional country music, so much so that he stated, he would not perform, if he couldn't sing traditional country. It's not surprising as Wyatt shares a life altering experience early on when he saw George Jones for the first time.

For certain, Wyatt​ confirms that seeing George alive, and in color confirmed what he already felt in his very soul. George was the greatest country singer of all-time. I think very few would dispute such a claim. It's been well over 60 years since the Possum recorded his first single for Starday. Yet, even in death, George's legend continues to expand.

I think George Jones would be proud to count 19 year old Wyatt Massingille as a mentee, and fan. Wyatt gets it in the way so very few do. His music is not a throwback, retro or tribute actish, it's just stone cold country. In this first installment of The New Traditionalists, you'll get to know Wyatt's music, his influences, and his thoughts on today's country music. And as a special treat, we are premiering his soon to be released single Teach Me To Forget, enjoy.

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