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Hayden Haddock: The New Traditionalists Vol. II

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

This podcast series was started in 2020 with the hopes of introducing new traditional country music to music fans.

So much has been said about the current sounds on the Billboard country charts, though I still find bright spots like Jon Pardi, Luke Combs, and Eric Church who I'm happy to hear won the CMA Entertainer of the Year Award (Finally).

But it is fair to say that honky tonk music is a rare find in more mainstream circles. It really made me wonder what the future of country music will actually sound like 5 or even 10 years from now. Coupled with the passionate naysayers that will try to convince you of the decline of country music after the 70's... Some even say Country music died after the 50's..

It is no secret that I also believe that the 1950's were the golden age of Honky tonk music. I would've loved to see Lefty, and Hank sharing a stage...sigh.. But even so, I on the other hand have always been able to find a handful of artists charting on Billboard that I like. And that always gave me hope that the country music industry would not completely forget about traditional types of country music.

With that being said, The New Traditionalists Podcast Series is my way of saying there is still some good country music out there. AND often it's coming from young artists 25 years, and younger that are, if possible more passionate about honky tonk music than the naysayers.

Our first installment of this series showcased the unbelievable talent of NACMAI Entertainer of the Year Wyatt Massingille.

This 19 year old from Indiana is singing the type of country music that would make George Jones proud. Straight forward tear-jerking type songs, that is a Bar Manager's dream.. Yes, it will drive even the strongest to drink, and then some.

On Volume II of The New Traditionalists Podcast series, we share a rising Texas star that took traditional country, and infused it with Texas, and a little bit of rock-n-roll.. Hayden Haddock is a 21 year old that started his career in 2018 while still attending Texas A&M.

Like Wyatt, he is also a songwriter, and a pretty good one. On the strength of his debut EP First Rodeo, Hayden attracted the attention of Cody Johnson's producer Trent Willmon! Now signed with Red11, Hayden is about to come to a town near you. Hayden has everything, a good voice, good songs, it is just a matter of time before he gets plucked by Nashville.

More importantly, Hayden is down-to-earth. I can't tell y'all how important it is to stay grounded when you are in the music business. He genuinely appreciates his growing fan base, and comes across as an honest to goodness hard-working young man with a good head on his shoulders. I have no doubt that he will work harder than anyone else to make his dreams come true.

Check out our interview with Hayden on Pandora, and don't forget to call your local country station, and request "Where You Come In."


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