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Top 10 #NewTraditional Country Artists

These Artists Are Keepin' It Country

Here is the third installment of our New Traditional Country Artist series, but first some background information. Back in February of 2020, we started a quarterly series on artists we believe are keeping their music very close to the roots of country.

Now what that really means can differ from person to person, but this is the #StoneColdCountry blog, and well, we do have an opinion on this matter. For the purposes of this series especially, #KeepinItCountry means the artist generally speaking is recording songs about real life problems. heartbreak, hard times, the uncertainty of a changing world, faith, family, and so forth.

Additionally, these artists use arrangements that often harken back to the golden age of country music. The 1950's are widely regarded as the high note of honky tonk country music, my favorite type of country. In Vol III Scott Southworth, Tom Buller, and Bernie Nelson best exemplify the 50's honky tonk style. Joe Wilson though takes the prize for most like Hank in this volume though his voice is fuller, soulful, and less twangy. I think the bare song arrangement takes us back to 1949 Hank Williams.

While Brad Howard holds the torch high for the clever turn of the phrase that is very much part of traditional honky tonk music. Some of the artists featured have more of a high lonesome bluegrass feel to their music, which can be traced back to Appalachia in the 1940's post Carter Family. The song we chose from Carlton Anderson is a good example of that bluegrass feel.

Even before country music was called country it was country & western. And as you can imagine many of the songs were about the tough conditions a cowboy faces almost daily just so he can earn a fair wage. In this installment Paul Bogart embodies the spirit of the west with the song "When The Cowboys Are Gone". Though the message resonates with all hard working old fashion people.

Addison Johnson, and Matt Carson draw deeply into the well of sorrow that has always permeated traditional country music.. They both deliver heartfelt regret that will ring true with anyone who has lived to tell. And Jamie Talbert blends a variety of influences in a song that is timely, and optimistic in a renegade sort of way.

Clearly, all artists have put their own spin on Traditional Country, and that is why we call it #NewTraditional. What follows are some additional information on the artists as well as links to their website, and music. The next installment in the series will be made available on Christmas 2020.

Below you'll find the links to the previous installments of the series.

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State: North Carolina

Latest Release: Rollin' Stolen

Noteworthy: His last record Cherokee Blues, debuted at #5 on iTunes’ Country Charts


State: Texas

Latest Release: Yours

Noteworthy: Co-wrote "Where Cowboys Are King" w/ Cody Johnson. Formerly on Sony.


State: Oregon

Latest Release: These Old Bones

Noteworthy: 2018 "Indie Songwriter of the Year" by Country Music People Magazine 2019 AWA "Pure Country Album of the Year" Award Recipient. Endorsed by Larrivee Guitars and Schertler Pickups


Artist: Brad Howard

State: North Carolina

Latest Release: Outlaws To The In-laws

Noteworthy: Multiple Academy of Western Artists nominations including Pure Country Male Vocalist, and Album of the Year.

"This IS your grandaddy's country music.."


Artist: Tom Buller

State: Nebraska

Latest Release: Prayin' For a Cold Day

Noteworthy: Performed at Keith Whitley Tribute concert

Layla's Honky Tonk house band-Nashville


State: Texas

Latest Release: Stand And Fight

Noteworthy: Top 25 Texas


State: Tennessee

Latest Release: Greyhound

Noteworthy: old over 25 million copies with multi-platinum cuts on the works of major artists such as Conway Twitty, Ricky Van Shelton, Kenny Chesney, Wynonna, Colin Raye, Confederate Railroad, Chris Ledoux, Kris Kristofferson, John Anderson and many more.


Artist: Joe Wilson

State: Manitoba

Latest Release: Denim & Roses

Noteworthy: Joe is a real-life cowboy. and his latest release is his 10 song debut.


Artist: Paul Bogart

State: Oklahoma

Latest Release: Ain't No Sunshine

Noteworthy: The Cowboy Way”and“Cowboy Ride”earned over 2.6 million views, multiple AQHA World Championship wins


State: South Carolina

Latest Release: Friday Night

Vision impaired musician


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