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Radio Is Not The Enemy

With so many choices in how we all discover music it might be tempting to abandon our local radio stations. Yes, I do know that much of the stuff played is generic, formulaic, and well soulless. However, even in these technologically advanced times, Radio is still relevant for artists that want to chart on regional, independent, and sometimes major charts.

Without getting into a long-winded historical discourse on the different ways music gets ranked, I will say one way to get your single on a music chart is to get played on radio. For some of the up, and coming artists that we play, and have featured like Hayden Haddock, Jake Blocker, and Zac Clifton, being played on radio can make a big difference in their careers.

For example, if you chart high regionally, you can get better paying gigs, better management, and sometimes a publishing deal like Jake Worthington, and or even a record deal like The Eli Young Band, and Cody Johnson. These are all pathways important in establishing a career that at the very least pays your bills. And at best propels you into the national spotlight.

The other consideration is how are we ever going to influence radio, if we are not

listening. I've often stated that the #StoneColdCountry show is like a feeder for radio shows, stations, blogs, promoters, and most importantly fans of old school country.

We often jump on new traditional country artists you've never heard of, and play fresh neotraditional country songs .

Our unabashed love for traditional country has become a rallying cry to share with all that will hear audible evidence that stone cold country music is still alive, and well.

But it is critically important that you do the same. Share your favorite artists across your social media accounts. Start those conversations with friends, and colleagues. Just the other day, I was talking to a friend who is a Plant Manager at an Auto plant. He's a big traditional country fan, but didn't even know that Alan Jackson had a new album out! He since picked it up, and absolutely loves it. In his own words, he didn't know there was new music like that.

I guess what we are saying here is support traditional country everywhere. Don't just

disconnect, and let distasteful dissonance take over your radio dial. Call your local stations, and tell them to play that new Midland tune. That hot Jamie Richards jam, and that new two step-in' groove from Ray Scott. I don't think we should go away quietly.. And actually, I don't think we should go away at all.

It reminds me of a biblical parable about the persistent friend in Luke 11:5-13. Basically the friend kept knocking on his friend's door in the middle of the night. The friend did not want to get up, and answer the door. But the persistent friend would not go away. So he opened the door, and the persistent friend received the loaves of bread that he wanted.

In the same way, be persistent, and don't give up on your local radio stations.

Keep calling, and get great country music back on radio. And since a vast majority of our listeners are in Texas, Here's a link to the Texas Regional Radio reporting stations. Why that is important well, it is the only Texas chart that reports their top 20 to the Billboard Regional Radio Chart..

And speaking about great Texas music, a hearty congrats to Zac Clifton, who we featured in our New Traditionalist podcast series for winning the coveted Jon Ritter Tribute Showcase last Saturday August 14th, 2021! Zac will be the Texas Country Music Association's music ambassador for a year! He also earned $1000.00 in prize money, yee-haw!


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